Talking with her dead daughter through virtual reality: Mother unable to hold back tears, slobbering world


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A tearful video of a mother watching her six-year-old daughter through virtual reality is now going viral on social media. Jangsi Sung, a young woman from South Korea, is back on television to watch her dead daughter. Jangxi Sung’s daughter, Leoni, died of leukemia in 2016.

Jangsi Sung attended the event wearing a headset and gloves specially designed for virtual reality. Lyon was re-created by the Korean company. Virtual Reality is set in Chroma Key set. Jhongsi Sung began to mumble when Lyoni called her ‘Amma Amma’ and came to her. Where was her mother? Do you think of me? Lyoni’s mother, Jangsi Sung, who came to Virtual Reality, asked questions.

Jangsi replies to Sung Lyon that he is close to the mole and that he always thinks about the mole. When Lioni said she misses her mother a lot, Jhansi approaches her daughter and gently tears her face and starts to cry, saying that she misses him a lot. Later, Leonie introduced her home and her friend, Twilight, to her mother. She spent a lot of time with her daughter and attended her birthday party. The birthday cake and her favorite soup were prepared on the house table. Leonie was photographing her mobile phone while cutting the Jangzi cake. Later, Lioni went to bed and said goodbye to Jangxi, saying he was asleep.

Leonie lay on the bed saying that she wanted to be with me and that she wanted to be with me. Following this, a dove suddenly flew into the sky. Jangsi’s stand, looking away from her daughter, looking helplessly at her daughter’s eyes is a sight to behold. She and her husband, other children and relatives attended the event.

So many people come to virtual reality to talk to the dead. At the same time, people have come to promote and counteract such tendencies. Experts say that such virtual reality shows cannot create another level of emotion. Criticism has also been raised that the people who aired the show used the pain and tears of a mother who lost her daughter to raise the show’s rating.

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