Syria’s government army recaptures Al Nerab in Idlib after a short withdrawal


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After its short-term retreat, the Syrian government army regained control of the city of Al Nerab. A Sputnik correspondent reports on site.

Previously, the terrorist militia “Jabhat an-Nusra” * attacked the city of Al Nerab, which is located west of the city of Saraqib. Thereupon the 25th military brigade of the Syrian government army carried out a tactical retreat, said the correspondent. A short time later, the army launched a counterattack to drive out the terrorists and take the city back.
At the same time, the Syrian army is strengthening its positions to the west and east of Saraqib, since attacks by the terrorist militia “Jabhat an-Nusra” are expected there.
With reference to the Syrian government army, 150 fighters of the said terrorist militia were involved in the attack on Al Nerab, of whom 148 had been killed. Two others were injured and had withdrawn to the control area of ​​the terrorist militia in Idlib.

Government helicopter shot down

During the attack, the terrorists also shot down a Syrian Army combat helicopter. According to the correspondent, the plane crashed at Saraqib.

According to eyewitnesses, the pilots were able to catapult in time. A Syrian military source later said that the helicopter commander had been killed.

The Turkish Ministry of Defense also provided information about the downed helicopter via Twitter. The incident occurred shortly after the statements by the Turkish Ministry of Defense, according to which the Turkish air force had fired a total of 101 objects from the Syrian army.

The Syrian government army launched an artillery attack on a Turkish checkpoint in Idlib on Monday, killing five Turkish soldiers and injuring five others.

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