Surinamese government angry about leaving Belgian company


The government of Suriname threatens to take legal action against The Fruit Farm Group of the Belgian Hein Deprez, who leaves a local banana plantation to his fate. According to local media, the Surinamese government could take over the loss-making nursery for 1 dollar, but extra money is needed to restore banana exports.

Kris Onghena, financial director of The Fruit Farm Group, confirmed to the newspaper De Tijd that discussions are ongoing with the government, which has a 10 percent interest in the nursery. He does not want to say anything about takeover amounts. The Surinamese company has been making a loss for years and bananas had to be destroyed because there was no money to export them.

The non-Surinamese executives are said to have left the country on Thursday. The Fruit Farm Group has also removed all information about the plantation in Suriname on its website. The staff was only paid on Thursday for their work in January, with government support.

The Minister of Agriculture of Suriname, Rabin Parmessar, is not satisfied with a statement that The Fruit Farm Group has spread about the departure from Suriname. According to the minister, this refers to the “unclear financial and economic situation of Suriname, which has only deteriorated in recent years”.

The Fruit Farm Group is in difficult papers. According to De Tijd, it swallowed a loss of 25 million euros in 2018 on a turnover of 105 million euros. A Dutch daughter went bankrupt last year.

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