Super Bowl Classic: Infarcted Match, New Hero, and Show with Shakira and Jay Lo (Photos)


The Super Bowl finale offered classics – drama, a heart attack, and the great story of how a star becomes a sinner, and then rises again to hero status. And that – within 30 minutes.

Before the eyes of America and the world, Kansas City won the 54th NFL Championship Game with a 31:20 victory over the San Francisco Fortinners. How this happened, however, is probably a question that will awaken the San Fran fans for a long time to celebrate the victory. The turn was heart attack, and as is often the case in sport, inches, seconds and small details decided the outcome of the match.

The big match began with a tribute to Kobe Bryant and the victims of the crash last Sunday – a tragedy that shook the world of sports. The two teams ranked 24-yard lines in both halves of the field, symbolic of Kobe’s NBA number. A photo of the legend appeared with the daughter with his daughter, Jiana, who was also with him on the fatal morning. The names of all 9 victims were spelled out.


Photo: Getty Images / Guliver Photos

The match offered a great first half, ending 10:10, and the battle of the two quarterbacks was going on equally.

Patrick Mahomes, already a superstar and leading the fantastic Kansas offense, has been excellent so far. Not only did he throw accurately, but he also scored a touchdown for his team this half.

Jimmy Garropolo
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Jimmy Garropolo, far from his star status as a colleague, also skillfully led the San Francisco offensive.

After the break, Garoppolo and his team led by 13:10 after fielding, and then came two consecutive key moments.

Mahomes threw a pass into nothing, intercepted by the defense – an error that in the ensuing attack cost a touchdown and the result was 10:20 for San Francisco.

Photo: Getty Images / Guliver Photos

Minutes later, in search of a rebound, the Kansas quarterback made the cut again after an attacker from his team failed to catch his pass. And it looked like things were going to the Garoppolo title and the best defense in the league this season.

And Mahomes will be the big sinner, though he was expected to be the leader of the final victory.

But the Kansas Chiefs, who became the kings of the playoffs during the playoffs, rose again.

They lagged by at least 10 points (and at one point were 24) in each of their Super Bowl games after the regular season. And they never gave up.

Patrick Mahomes
Photo: Getty Images / Guliver Photos

Mahomes led them with an incredible 40-yard pass that opened the touchdown attack just 6 minutes and 13 seconds before the end. At 5:20 pm, there was already a chance of a rebound, he just had to put the ball back in Mahomes’ hands.

And it happened a minute later when all three of San Francisco’s attempts were blocked.

2:44 minutes before the finals, Damien Williams scored, leaving controversy over the regularity of this touchdown. The attacker’s leg was off the sideline as he moved the ball over the points line. And after the video assistant referee’s examinations, the decision remained, and Kansas had made its incredible twist – 24:20, in just 4 minutes!

In the end, Williams finished off the opponent with a new touchdown after slipping into the flank and running 38 yards without reaching. But by that time, despair had already taken hold of the shocked San Francisco players who somehow missed the victory.

31:20 and the Kansas title, first for the team since 1970. Sinner-hero Mahomes received the MVP award at the finals, earning the youngest title (24 years and 138 days).

The show was well worth the show, with Shakira and Jennifer Lopez shaking the Miami stadium at halftime.

The performance also electrified the audience, and the match was already qualitative and dramatic enough to develop.

Probably one of the best in recent Super Bowl history.


Photo: Getty Images / Guliver Photos

Photo: Getty Images / Guliver Photos

Photo: Getty Images / Guliver Photos


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