Sunday code orange due to storm Ciara: heavy gusts of wind expected, KNVB ordered FC Emmen and amateur competitions, KNRM ready – Drenthe


This is how Ciara develops

Weatherwoman Helga van Leur shared a moving wind map on Twitter, which clearly shows how Ciara can develop.

Football canceled

The KNVB promises to make a timely decision about the continuation of the duels that are scheduled. FC Utrecht – Ajax, AZ – Feyenoord, Sparta – ADO The Hague and FC Emmen – Twente are then scheduled. “We want to prevent supporters from already en route to the competition. We may already know tonight, but otherwise we will make a decision early tomorrow morning, “says spokesperson Daan Schippers.

The union, the clubs and municipalities involved will discuss the continuation of the duels tonight and tomorrow morning. That is what the Supporterscollectief Nederland reports. They emphasize that it can vary per game, so that matches could possibly continue earlier on Sunday.

FC Emmen press information says it wants to wait for the KNVB decision. The KNVB already communicated on Friday that it wants to make a decision on Saturday before 8 p.m. the games in amateur football on Sunday.

GIJS also canceled due to the storm

Not only outdoor sports such as football, but also indoor sports such as ice hockey are experiencing the threat of storm Ciara. The Dutch Ice Hockey Association NIJB has also canceled all games in the play-offs of the first division for Sunday.

That means that Groningen-based GIJS is not playing the return against Smoke Eaters Geleen 2, in the first round of the play-offs.

On Saturday evening, the Groningers won the first leg in Geleen 8-5. The decisive return in Kardinge has now been postponed to Saturday 15 February at 8.30 p.m.

Trains run according to timetable

The ferry services from shipping company Wagenborg to Ameland and Schiermonnikoog will sail on Sunday. There are adjustments. Look on the website for the precise information.

The Dutch Railways have indicated that they are driving according to the normal timetable, but do not rule out the possibility that the storm could cause delays. Travelers are advised to check train times just before departure.

Tuesday and Wednesday still a flood

The Noorderzijlvest Water Board expects that the dyke sections around the port of Delfzijl should be closed on Monday morning and possibly also in the two days thereafter. Storm tides are also expected for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Monday morning the storm pushes the seawater in the Ems around 9 o’clock to about 3 meters above sea level, especially when the wind blows from (north) westerly direction. In that case, the water board closes the doors in the dyke passages and the main road through the port remains closed for at least 12 hours when the tide reaches the highest point.

A spokeswoman for the water board is still holding her arm. If the wind decreases or turns more towards the east, the trim in the funnel-shaped Ems is also lower. “The expectation now is that the dyke sections must close, but we certainly do not know until Monday morning.”

According to forecasts, the level of last year’s January storm is still out of sight. Then on January 8 the dike doors closed close to a water level of 3.80 meters above sea level. The record in Delfzijl dates from the Sinterklaas storm of 2014: 4.85 with NAP +.

Eelde Airport is just open

Groningen Eelde Airport is open as usual on Sunday, says Bowy Odink, commercial manager at the airport. “I can imagine that hobby pilots will abandon their flight because of the storm. Whether a passenger plane lands or leaves is up to the captain. He decides that. “

Where Schiphol airport already warns travelers of possible nuisance, Odink does not anticipate this on Eelde. “Because of the storm, Schiphol is increasing the distances between the aircraft. If you have a lot of planes that land or depart, that has consequences. That does not play at Eelde. ”

KNRM is ready, but also hopes for practice

At the Royal Dutch Rescue Society (KNRM) in Lauwersoog, they have been keeping a close eye on weather forecasts for a few days. “It now seems that expectations are coming true,” says skipper Sietse van der Wal. The post has since arranged that there are enough people on hand if an expression is needed.

Van der Wal is also considering turning the need into a virtue. “If we succeed, we’ll go out on the water tomorrow afternoon for an exercise.”

Advice: Trucks on the side

Truck drivers have to put their vehicles aside during the storm, warns the CNV trade union. “The safety of yourself and fellow road users must be paramount,” says a spokesman for the union. “Then the delivery will come a little later.”

He added that drivers should not be pressured. Transport and Logistiek Nederland (TLN) also points to the responsibility of carriers. 66 trucks were blown off the road during the January storm in 2018.

Wind picks up

In the afternoon it is different. Then the wind picks up considerably. “The storm causes wind gusts of 90 to 100 km per hour in the east of the Netherlands in the afternoon”, weather forecaster Severin expects. “From three o’clock in the afternoon the damage reports begin to come in,” he thinks. In the evening, a rain front pulls over the country, which means that it can start to fall heavily in a short time.

The wind then becomes stronger, with gusts of wind up to 120 kilometers per hour. Inland, the meteorologist even expects wind gusts of 130 kilometers per hour. “The combination of strong wind and lots of rain will cause considerable inconvenience. Traffic is also severely hampered. ”From nine in the evening the wind in the northwest of our country slowly decreases.

The cold front has not yet reached the southeast of the country. “The cold front only moves to Limburg after midnight,” predicts Severin. “The wind can blow sharply in the hills of Limburg. Here too, very strong gusts of wind are possible at 120 or 130 kilometers per hour. ”The weatherman expects that the wind will start to decrease in Limburg from an hour or two at night.

An overview of what to do in case of storm damage. Photo: Safety region Drenthe

“No local storm”

On Sunday evening, after nine o’clock, the precipitation continues to increase. The cold front travels around midnight from the northwest to Limburg, which means that it continues to rain heavily. From an hour or two Sunday night, the wind decreases in strength and the wind starts to blow less. Weerplaza emphasizes that the Sunday storm is “not a local storm”.

“It is a weather situation that affects the entire country. So make the right plans and take precautions if things can easily come loose and fly around. ”

The KNMI has issued code yellow before the end of Sunday morning. Later today the weather institute expects to have to upscale the warning for Sunday afternoon to code orange.

Ciara is the first storm in the Netherlands to be given a name. KNMI does this to raise public awareness. A name would make people more alert and encourage them to take action more quickly, according to British research.

It is also more convenient to communicate when a storm has a name. This way everyone knows from the name that it is about the same storm. In England and Ireland the public can submit suggestions for names, in the Netherlands the public may also be involved in naming in the future. The last severe winter storm caused suffering and millions in damage. The storm reached wind force eleven at its peak.


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