Sudan … A humanitarian convoy for the victims of the “Crending” camp in Darfur


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The Supreme Committee for Crisis Management of the Crisis Camp in West Sudan’s Sudanese state of Darfur organized a humanitarian convoy for camp residents, which includes shelter materials, foodstuffs, medicines, doctors and medical personnel.

A member of the Higher Coordination Committee, Ahmed Ishaq, said in a statement to the Sudanese News Agency “Suna” today, Sunday. The convoy was prepared With a popular effort and with the participation of civil society organizations and resistance committees, as well as benevolent people and members of the state at home and abroad. ”

Ahmed Ishaq explained that “statistics indicate that about (65) people were killed in the Accidents of Crindingq camp, 42 of whom died while receiving treatment in Al-Genaina Hospitals, while the number of wounded reached about (88), who were deported to the capital Khartoum for treatment, and most of them were the same. To recover, and that there (101) received treatment in El Geneina. ”
He added that the number of officially registered in the camp is (16) thousand families, and about (47,700) families remain, distributed among (36) government headquarters between a school and a government facility.

The spokesman pointed out that what is required is to get these IDPs out of these non-existent headquarters and return them to Crinding Camp after its rehabilitation.

The Transitional Sudanese Government and Southern Mediation agreed earlier that the wanted persons for the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity in the Darfur region should be brought before the court.

According to a statement of the Transitional Sovereignty Council in Sudan, today, Tuesday, a government delegation headed by a member of the Transitional Sovereign Council, Mohamed Hassan Al-Taishi and leaders of the Darfur Path, held a negotiating session today, in the Palm Africa Hotel in Juba, in the presence of Tut Qalwak, head of the Southern Mediation Team and President Salva Kiir’s advisor for security affairs.


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