Substantial price increases: is Coolblue a hacker?


Coolblue customers have been complaining about sudden, sharp price increases since last weekend. Has the Coolblue site been hacked?

The Dutch online store Coolblue is Monday the subject of wild speculation on social media and in the regular Dutch press. The story began with complaints from customers who discovered during shopping on Coolblue last weekend that a number of IT products in their shopping basket, such as the Nintendo Switch or the latest iPhone, had become a lot more expensive from one moment to the next.

When a number of fixed marketing links to Coolblue partner companies no longer worked, the rumor mill started to spin.

The speculations go in all directions and do not stop at a chance technical breakdown. One of the most recurring theories: Coolblue has been hacked and the company has to pay ransom to cyber criminals to get a normal working site again. Even more spectacular: Coolblue falls prey to a takeover by the American online giant Amazon, which wants to launch on the Dutch market soon and, through the incorporation of Coolblue, immediately aims for market leadership.

Questions unanswered

To be clear: there is no evidence for these statements. Last week the company announced its annual results, which showed that a turnover of 1.5 billion euros barely made 15 million euros.

However, the unrest is encouraged by Coolblue itself because management and the press service leave all questions for information unanswered all day long. Why?

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