Study: Stay away from tea protects against urinary tract disease


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A recent study has found some steps that can protect the urinary system from infection.

And she said The study published by the site “Health Very Well” Following certain healthy and simple habits during the day protects the body and urinary system from infection, among which is chronic urinary tract infection and kidney stones.
The study indicated 4 tips necessary to maintain the health of the urinary system, namely:

1- Avoid tea

Caffeine in the tea causes a lot of diseases to the urinary system, most notably urinary incontinence, because caffeine is one of the diuretics.

2- Drink water

Consuming sufficient quantities of water, throughout the day, maintains the health of the body in general, and cleanses the body of toxins, and a moderate amount of water from 6 to 8 cups per day is sufficient to maintain the health of the urinary system.

3- Salt

Salt is called “white poison” because of the many damages it causes to the body, as it contains high amounts of sodium, which makes the body store fluids and water inside it, and affects kidney health, and leads to kidney stones.

4- Personal hygiene

It prevents infection of the body with bacteria that cause urinary tract infection, which also contributes to urinary tract infections.


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