‘Strange’ organization against vaccination: Participation 100 lira


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In contrast to Turkey in the period in which the desired rise of vaccine and anti-vaccine symposium drew a large attendance fee is determined as 100 pounds response. Upon the reactions, Yeditepe University gave up allocating space for the symposium.

Yeditepe UniversityThe university administration did not allocate space for reactions to vaccine opponents, who came to the agenda with the efforts to organize a symposium. ‘I. It was revealed that the person organizing the International Vaccination Facts’ symposium was also a sound engineer and musician.

The number of vaccine opponents in Turkey is increasing day by day. Experts warn that the number of families that rejected the vaccine, which was 11,000 in 2016, is now close to 50,000. The number of measles cases, which was 662 in 2018, reached 2666 in December. While the Ministry of Health and scientists warn that those who constantly fuel anti-vaccination are not experts, they continue to mislead the public.

According to the news of Mert Inan from Milliyet newspaperThe last attempt of the anti-vaccination reaction was announced on March 8. International Immunization Facts Symposium.
The vaccine opponents who ignore public health are planning to do ‘I. While the International Vaccination Facts Symposium caused new discussions and reactions; It turned out that those who organized the symposium and attended as speakers were distant from science and had no expertise.

‘Total participation is limited to 1200 people’

Organized by sound engineer and musician Su Asaad (Somuncuoğlu), ‘I. It was announced that the International Vaccination Facts Symposium will be organized at Yeditepe University on Saturday, March 8. While the participation fee was determined as 100 lira, it was announced that the total participation was limited to 1200 people. However, upon the increasing reactions in social media, Yeditepe University announced that they did not approve the symposium in question and that no place would be allocated for such an event.

Su Asaad (Somuncuoğlu) declared that the symposium will be held elsewhere on his social media account, and wrote, “The symposium is not canceled. It will be held on the same date. There is only a change in place.”

Asaad, who set up an anti-vaccination website and plans to organize an anti-vaccination symposium, is actually a sound engineer and musician. Su Asaad, who does not have a medical education, self; He graduated from Bilgi University, Department of Sound Technologies in 2008, and from Los Angeles, SAE Institute, Department of Sound Engineering in 2010. He has worked with famous artists such as Natalie Cole, The Cranberries, Alan Parsons and Burhan Öcal. ”

Who will speak at the anti-vaccine symposium?

TV show presenter Joan Shenton, who runs campaigns on the rejection of AIDS among the speakers of the symposium, and anthropologist Mario Lamo Jimenez, known for her unscientific statements about the side effects of the HPV vaccine, and Dr. Hasan Gökhan Şentürk. Lucy Hinks’ father, Steve Hinks, who was alleged to be a victim of vaccination, said; “There is a time when it is not enough to be awake. We are called to stand up and defend the truth!” It is planned to have a talk titled.

The reacting film will be shown

At the symposium, it is announced that the documentary “Vaxxed”, which has anti-vaccine claims and which is highly reacted by the scientific world, will be screened, while the film is described as the “American fake science documentary” by the medical world. The movie is based on the lie that vaccines cause autism.


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