Story of Schumacher and wife Corinna Betsch | Shoemaker’s watchmaker is Corinna, not only in ‘racing’ but also in the peak of fame and in her unconsciousness!


Schumacher, Corinna Betsch

In fact, 25 years on, Corinna Bates wrapped her wings with the legend of Michael Schumacher. It was only a matter of months before Corinna was my guardian angel in an interview with her son Mike in December 2013 when she was skiing in the French Alps.

In the Formula One championship match, seven-time world champion Schumacher faced the tragedy of Korina. This guardian angel is the greatest gift God has ever given to the six-time world champion legend after marriage.

Schumacher was found unconscious for six months after he sustained serious head injuries in the crash. In December 2014, she was transferred to her home in Switzerland. Schumacher’s treatment is done by a private medical team. With Corina as the guardian angel. Only close friends were allowed to meet Schumacher. As the treatment is kept confidential, the outside world has no knowledge of the current state of the epic. However, in racing, Vega is sure to bring back a shiny angel named Corina.


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