Storm Ciara brings problems for KNVB: ‘Seems simple, a little more complex in practice’


The KNVB ended up in a difficult position due to the Ciara storm. Ajax and AZ are active in Europe and in the cup and FC Utrecht and Feyenoord also play a role in the cup tournament. Finding an alternative match day is difficult, says Heinrich Welling (on the right in the photo) of the KNVB.

“No, this scenario was not foreseeable in advance,” Welling says in conversation with the Algemeen Dagblad. “With every conceivable option you automatically get a snowball effect. We not only have to deal with the clubs in question, and with supporters, but also with the police and government, with the rights holders and with the other clubs.”
According to Welling, the KNVB must take many things into account when planning all Premier League matches. “They do not want to start too early in the holidays. They want a large winter break to be able to go to training camp and to send foreign boys home. They prefer as few midweek play rounds as possible. And they do not want too often.” doubles’, two away from home or away from home. Those things all come together. ”
“306 games and 34 rounds. That seems simple, but the practice is a bit more complex, we will say.” For the KNVB there will only be room in the schedule when AZ and Feyenoord are both eliminated in the cup this week, or if FC Utrecht and Ajax are eliminated. European elimination of Ajax or AZ would also help.


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