Stewardess fired because she weighed 400 grams too much Abroad


The woman was already set aside in 2017, but she challenged her case. The judge has now ruled in favor of Malaysia Airlines. According to the company, Hassim would have had eighteen months to adapt to the new health and weight regulations that were introduced in 2015. The woman, who worked for 25 years at the airline, would have been offered a company doctor to help her get the right weight. She would have skipped several weighing moments.

Hassim’s lawyers claim that the minimal “overweight” does not prevent her from performing her work properly, The Independent said. Moreover, they point out that other major airlines such as KLM, Lufthansa and British Airways do not have such guidelines regarding the weight of employees and that there are no safety problems there.

However, the judge ruled that Malaysia Airlines is free to introduce such rules. “The weight management program is not discriminatory in any way because it applies to all crew members and the company has constantly made sure that the applicant and all crew members have every opportunity to reach their optimum weight.”

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