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The Supervisory Board Chairman, Erwin Emanuels, today announced to staff members and stakeholders of De Surinaamsche Bank (DSB) that the Supervisory Board fully supports DSB’s management. Steven Coutinho continues as DSB director.

Emanuels immediately added that the Supervisory Board did not receive the order from any party to dismiss the director of DSB. The Supervisory Board appoints and dismisses the Managing Director. This is an independent system bank, says Emanuels.

DSB director Coutinho in turn indicates that the Supervisory Board has supported him at all times. According to Coutinho, this issue is not about him, but about DSB staff and the bank’s continued existence. According to him, the people should be treated with respect. “The money belongs to the people. It is not intended for potatoes or onions, “he says.

Staff, pensioners and interested parties in the protest at the DSB head office on Henck Arronstraat. Photo: Suriname Herald

Staff members, pensioners, stakeholders and others gathered today at the DSB head office on Henck Arronstraat to announce that DSB director Coutinho cannot be fired. Emanuels further indicates that the members of the Supervisory Board are not politicians and that these are bankers. The first priority is to ensure that the trust that customers have in the bank should not be shamed in any way.

The chairman of the Supervisory Board also indicated that DSB had made great leaps forward in recent months thanks to the leadership of Coutinho, supplemented by the other members of the Board. It is good to see that the bank’s staff has been supportive to the director.

An emergency meeting was convened today by the Supervisory Board and the management of DSB. The next step that the bank must take was discussed during this meeting. In addition, it was discussed which guarantees should be created to deliver on what the bank promised its clients and staff. The Supervisory Board has met with the bank’s management so that parties are in line without losing sight of the public interest. The bank is there to ensure that the money from the community is safe.

Vishmohanie Thomas


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