State protection determined: AfD is said to have distributed racist coloring book


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The AfD parliamentary group in North Rhine-Westphalia caused a lot of excitement with a coloring book. For example, it shows armed people under Turkish flags, fully veiled in the swimming pool and a hand with a knife. Now the public prosecutor’s office and state protection for sedition.

But the party rejects allegations of racism and speaks of satire.

The coloring books are said to have been distributed at an event in Krefeld, according to German media. Inside are people with bones in their hair and saber-swinging turban wearers.

The 66-page booklet bears the name “North Rhine-Westphalia for coloring”. The AfD parliamentary group, on the other hand, viewed the criticism as an “attack on freedom of art and satire”. It is an “art book with satirical sketches on the state of the country”. He was “based on a coloring book for adults”.

AfD faction leader Markus Wagner is quoted as saying: “We landed another hit. Art doesn’t just have to come from the left. “

“If Antifa extremists attack freedom of art, there can only be one answer: We will increase the circulation,” Wagner is further quoted in a press release.

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