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Udupi: Srinivasa Gowda, who won the bullock competition, never imagined that his success would be remembered even in the international media. Srinivasa is shocked that people are comparing him with Usain Bolt. A native of Mangaluru, Srinivasa has been a celebrity for a few days. Sai Srinivas was in for a surprise when Sai Srinivasa was summoned to Delhi to speed up the race.

But Srinivasa’s response is that Usain Bolt cannot be compared to himself. Usain Bolt is world champion. He’s running in the mud. Srinivasa pointed out that Usain Bolt can make it difficult for him to run on the track as he runs in the mud. Srinivasa’s comments came in an interview with news agency ANI.
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Srinivasa Gowda clocked 9.55 seconds in a calf race held in Udupi. Srinivasa took only 13.62 seconds to run on the 142.5 meter long track. Srinivasa gained national attention when the organizers claimed that it took only 9.55 seconds to break the 100 meter mark. Usain Bolt’s world record is 9.58 seconds.

Anand Mahindra was shocked when Srinivasa’s performance went viral on Twitter. Union Minister Kiran Rijiju then responded. The minister tweeted that if he had the talent to compete in the Olympics it should not be wasted and Srinivasa was invited to Sai. The Union Minister said that Sai’s officials had contacted Srinivasa and that the Sports Council of India would conduct trials on Monday.

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