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Subscribing to and accessing “Sputnik” websites through accounts or accounts on social networks will constitute your acceptance of these Terms.

Users are required to comply with national and international laws. Users are required to speak with other participants in discussions and respectful readers.

Site management has the right to remove comments written in languages ​​other than the site language.

Any comments posted on the sites It can be changed in any language.

User comments are removed in the following cases:

  • Does not match the subject of the message;
  • To promote hatred and racial, ethnic, sexual, religious or social discrimination or to violate the rights of minorities;
  • Violate the rights of immature persons to the extent that they are harmed and harmed in any form, including moral and spiritual harm;
  • Contain extremist ideas or call for other illegal activities;
  • Contains insults and threats addressed to other users, individuals, or organizations, compromising their reputation and reputation, and impairing their business credibility;
  • Contains insulting or disrespectful information about Sputnik;
  • Violates the right to privacy, violates the privacy of third parties without their consent, or violates the privacy of correspondence;
  • Describe scenes of violence and cruel treatment of animals;
  • Contains information about suicide attempts and incites suicide;
  • Pursue for profit purposes, contain inappropriate commercial message or links to other sites containing such information;
  • Aims to promote third party products and services without proper authorization;
  • Contains unconventional words as well as references to the use of definable words as such;
  • Contains spam and spam advertisers and promotes commercial mail distribution services;
  • Assist in the use of narcotics and psychotropic drugs and disclose information about their products and how to use them;
  • Contains links to viruses and malware;
  • Be part of an organized action to use comments of the same or similar content;
  • Fill the topic of discussion with lots of low-content messages
  • Violate courtesy by displaying any kind of militant, offensive, humiliating humiliation;
  • Do not follow the standard and correct language, for example print the text without observing intervals.

Management has the right to block the user’s access to the page or delete his / her account without prior notice in violation of these rules.

The user can submit an account resumption / free access by contacting the moderator via the following email: [email protected]

The letter should contain the following:

  • Topic حساب Account Revival / Free Account Access ؛
  • User ID;
  • Describe actions that have led to our blocking or violating our regulations.

If supervisors find it possible to revoke / deny access, this will be done.

Access will not be revoked if user violates the rules again. Contact the moderator group at: [email protected]


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