Spain accused two Russian fighters of harassing their planes during a mission


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The Spanish Ministry of Defense accused two Russian fighters of harassing two Spanish planes during an international mission last August.

Russian aircraft, two Su-27, they escorted the plane without identifying the Russian defense ministerSergei Shoigu According to the Spanish ministry, Shoigu’s “escorts” reduced “intentionally and drastically the distance with Spanish aircraft” by spotting them, forcing the F-18s to place themselves in a safe position.
Answer from Spain to Russian army, when he publicly denounced that a NATO plane had tried to approach the plane in which the Minister of Defense was traveling. Precisely, Russia broadcast a video recorded from inside this aircraft in which the Spanish fighter can be seen flying in parallel to the apparatus before moving away after one of the Su-27s was placed in the middle.
NATO sources explained that Shoigu’s plane was detected unidentified while flying over the Baltic Sea, so they were sent means of the Baltic Air Police to identify it.

The mission carried out by the Spanish F-18 lasted an hour before returning to the Estonian base in Amari. An operation included in the actions of the Baltic Air Police, with which NATO exercises aerial surveillance of the skies of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, since these three republics entered the Atlantic Alliance. Since 2014, Spain participates annually in this mission.


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