Space Invasion of Russian and US Intelligence Satellites


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The Russian satellite is in an inappropriate location for monitoring the Earth’s orbit and near the US spy satellite.

According to Sputnik, American experts have come to the conclusion that the Russians are spying on their spies.
According to lovers of satellite surveillance in the sky, the Russian system has been designated to monitor the activities of other satellites, and aerospace experts believe the satellite can read classified US device information. But they don’t explain why the Russians do it.
The experts tracked the behavior of the Russian satellite under the name “Cosmos 2542” throughout January. In November 2019, the satellite was in orbit at the same location as the US Aerospace Military Intelligence Satellite (USA 245) from 2013.

In this case, we have the following:

“If two satellites are in the same band, there is no reason to worry as the satellites get closer to each other every 10 days,” says satellite expert and professor of science Miles Thompson. , Because there are so many satellites flying in this orbit. “


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