South Korea confirms 15 new cases of corona


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South Korea recorded 15 new cases of the new Corona virus, today, Wednesday, bringing the total number of people infected with the disease in the country to 46 people.

The CDC said in a statement that 13 of the new cases were found in Daegu and the surrounding North Gyeongsang Province.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in has called for strict measures to fight infection and every possible move to boost the economy, which he said was in an emergency as a result of the Corona virus epidemic, according to Reuters.

And announced the National Health Committee of China, today, Wednesday, that the number of deaths from the new Corona virus inside the country rose to 2004 people, and infected to 74 thousand and 185 cases, noting that approximately 14,376 people have recovered after treatment.

“The Health Affairs Committee has received data from 31 provinces, confirming that 74,185 people have been infected, and at the present time we have 57,000 805 patients, of whom (11,977 are in critical condition), and 2004 people have died,” the National Health Commission of China said in a statement. With the virus, 14,376 people have left hospital after recovery. “


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