Soldiers Killed: Conflict In Afghanistan US, Afghan soldiers killed – US Coronavirus fear and donald trump


Kabul: Fierce conflict between US military and Afghan army in Afghanistan The fighting took place near a military base in the district of Shirzad in western Afghanistan, Afghan officials said. Six US soldiers and six Afghan soldiers were killed in the clashes.

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The US and Afghanistan have not officially released how many people have died or how many have been injured. Senior Afghan military officer Mubaris Qadem said the clashes between Afghan and US troops had taken place. He did not say how many people died.

Smaller encounters of this nature have been frequent in Afghanistan but few for many years. The US military has been in Afghanistan for 18 years. Since then, there have been conflicts between US and Afghan soldiers. The conflict comes as the US plans to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan.

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Sohrab Khaderi, a member of the Nangarhar provincial council, said it was impossible to say whether there was a clash between US and Afghan soldiers or the Taliban attack. Afghan forces and foreign troops are in the region to defend the Taliban.

Over 14,000 US troops are in Afghanistan as part of the NATO mission. The NATO mission aims to assist the Afghan army in its efforts to eliminate terrorism.

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Talks with the Taliban over the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan have been ongoing for months. Although there is talk of an end to the war, there is little to no conflict in the country.

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