Smartphone addiction changes the size and shape of the brain


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A recent study demonstrated that smartphone addiction changes the shape and size of the human brain in a manner very similar to the effect of drugs on brains.

AndNewspaper said British “Daily Mail” pictures of the MRI scanner revealed that the brains of people who suffer from smartphone addiction, have a size less than the gray matter in some key parts of it.
The pictures showed a decrease in activity in the brains of smartphone addicts compared to non-addicts. Similar patterns and trends of shrinking gray matter have been reported in the brains of drug addicts.

The German researchers examined 48 participants using MRI images, 22 of them were classified as addicted to smartphones and 26 were considered non-addicts.

The researchers wrote in the study published in the journal “Addiction behaviors”: “Individuals with smartphone addiction showed a smaller volume of gray matter in a part of the brain called (Interior Esnula)”, and they added that the decrease of gray matter in one of these areas in the brain, It is insulin, previously associated with drug addiction.

This is the first physical evidence, scientists said, of a link between smartphone use and brain changes.

The authors of the study from the University of Heidelberg in Germany wrote: “Given its widespread use and its increasing popularity, the current study questions the harm of smartphones, at least for individuals most at risk of developing addictive behaviors related to these devices.”


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