Smart Russians: Excavator helps truck with the shovel uphill – video


Incredible pictures from the Urals have recently appeared on the net: a flatbed trailer loaded with an excavator was unable to move due to slippery conditions. But then the bucket of the construction machine came into use. An eyewitness filmed the amazing action.

The low loader driver freed his vehicle from an awkward situation with great imagination. The video shows how the vehicle is using a scoop an icy road is carried uphill.

According to the eyewitness, the recordings come from the city of Novotroizk in the Orenburg region in the south Ural,

A male voice-over commented on the unusual images.

“He (the excavator – editor’s note) is said to have pulled him almost half the way up,” said the eyewitness.

It remains unknown whether the vehicle finally slipped off the road or not.

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