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Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş said that he was also lost due to ‘crazy junctions’ in the city.

Hürriyet reporter Nuray BabacanMayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mansur Slowof i_am_k in Instagram Account ‘crazy junctions‘what you say about to his readers.

News on “Those who live in Ankara know, Melih Gokcek“Crazy crossroads” that were made during the period when the mayor was the subject of a warning to newcomers to the city. It draws a U-turn at such a sharp angle that if you are entering for the first time, it is impossible not to be swung. Of course, it is also subject to accidents. Those who enter the underpasses, one on the Malazgirt Boulevard and the other on the Ostim-Batıkent junction understand what we mean. “ Babacan, who started with his note, continued as follows:

“Before the local election Bilkent bridge junction also does not look for others. A complete labyrinthi resemble. You can find yourself at another point if you do not slow down and read carefully all the signs, right and left.

This intersection was also a problem for Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavas. While listening to the complaints about the newly opened Bilkent junction in his conversation with journalists, Yavaş made a reproach saying, “Don’t ask, I got lost at that junction.”

Yavaş, while actress Fatma Girik was on treatment in Ankara City HospitalHe told that he was returning from the wrong place while trying to go to and took two rounds to reach the hospital. Slow, ‘Vallahi junction needs to work with the map. But it can be planned so badly and complexly ‘ she complained.

The problem at this intersection, which connects the city center with the Bilkent University Campus, Bilkent Campus and the city hospital, is currently being solved with warning signs. “


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