Sliding screen and 6 cameras: what the filtered images of the new TCL reveal


The cancellation of the MWC caused by the coronavirus, which was planned to be held in Barcelona between February 24 and 27, has prevented many companies from presenting their new phone models. However, filtered images of an extensible TCL terminal have been sufficient for Internet users to intuit several of its features.

TCL has been one of the many technology giants that have been affected by the cancellation of the annual mobile communication conference worldwide. The Chinese multinational had big plans for the Mobile World Congress, where it planned to introduce innovative smartphone models.

He TCL 10 Pro and the TCL 10L they are the new models with which the company hoped to attract all eyes, but, according to the American media CNET, there are indications that the company was preparing to also show a new mobile capable of display a sliding screen and removable until reaching the size of a tablet. And it is that in the midst of the revolution of the mobile phone sector, everything is possible.
This information really should not catch anyone off guard, since TCL has already flaunted several times of its creative potential: in 2019 it was hovering information of a folding mobile that became a bracelet to act as a smartwatch, and also published images of a terminal with three screens that folded between them forming a zigzag.
The company has not commented on this and there are no official images that confirm what we see in which they have leaked. But if you look at the latter, we see what looks like a removable continuous screen of the body of the mobile, which would produce an effect similar to what happens when one slides a table to enlarge it.

As you can appreciate, the rear camera is quad, and the front camera seems to consist of two lenses. Of the internal mechanism that allows the screen to slide, little can be said, but the source believes that one part of the flexible screen folds or rolls behind the other.


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