Six people caught cheating old men with the promise of marriage in Mardin


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Within the scope of the operation called by the security forces as ‘let the wedding begin’ in Mardin, 6 people who caught the old men with the promise of getting married were caught. It has been determined that the network that uses the women they brought from Syria for this job provides an unfair gain of 400 thousand TL.

MArdin Kızıltepe District Police Department Public Security Bureau Teams, Syrian national A.K. and İ.M, Min ardin, Şırnak, Batman, Diyarbakır, Ankara, Yalova and İzmir spouses of elderly men, Syrian nationals H.S. and R.K. with imam married by breaking the wedding Then she reached the information that women fled by buying gold.

The teams that carried out the work with the instructions of the Kızıltepe Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office,let the wedding begin ‘ started the operation called.

In the operation organized simultaneously to 6 different addresses, A.K, F.M, H.S, R.K, M.Ş. and M.H.S. While being detained, jewelery, money and foreign currency were seized.

400 thousand TL

M.ş’n detained the women brought to Turkey from Syria, where he was responsible for and was determined to carry out their activities in the Izmir network.

It was determined that the network made an unfair gain of 400 thousand liras with this method.

After the police operations, 6 suspects were brought to the courthouse.


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