Singer Maan expresses her gratitude for fans: ‘So beautiful’


“Your reactions to the album are so beautiful”, Maan starts her message. The emotional first album of the singer was released on Friday and her fans are massively streaming all the songs from Unintelligible. Moreover, it has been a very personal project for the formerThe Voicewinner. “I wanted to describe things that occur in my life, my feelings, my ideas.”

That used to be different, let Maan know. That’s when her songs were written for her, although she was ‘very happy with it’ at the time. “But now I know better and better what I want and I notice that I am happiest when I write along with the songs so that a song can arise from my ideas and feelings,” explains the She cries but she laughs-singer. “This makes every song extra valuable to me and I can think back to a special moment in everything.”

Maan therefore sees this album as ‘a kind of diary of my experiences and thoughts.’ Yet she also wants to put the people with whom she has worked in the spotlight for a while. For example, she thanks her former boyfriend Tony Junior. The two worked together on the number 7 months, of which a video clip also appeared. That is not surprising, since Maan has made a video for every song on the CD. “Off to album 2”, she closes her message.

The singer wants the music to speak for itself and “doesn’t want everyone to know everything,” she said RTL Boulevard. That statement by Maan was not entirely satisfactory for Ruud de Wild, as can be seen in the video below.


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