Singapore raises coronavirus alarm to SARS level


Singapore has increased its coronavirus alarm to orange, the same level as the SARS virus, after the number of new types of coronavirus confirmed in the country has increased to 33.

Singapore30 previously confirmed in coronaviruses After the incident, 3 more people traveling to China reported coronavirus.

The number of confirmed cases across the country increased to 33, while the alarm level broke out in 2003 With SARS virus increased to the same level of orange.

While the orange alarm means that the virus can easily pass from person to person, this alarm was given in the last H1N1 outbreak in 2009-2010. The top alarm level is known to be the red level, which indicates that the virus has spread widely.

Regarding raising the alarm level of the Singapore Ministry of Health, “Despite the fact that some of our citizens do not have a travel history to China, we have increased the risk level due to the infection.” found in the description.
Businessmen were advised to cancel large-scale events, while the military aviation fair known as the Singapore Airshow was postponed to a later date.
On the other hand, as one of the newly confirmed cases was a teacher, students and teachers contacting the patient were advised to stay home for 2 weeks.

More than 30 people died in Singapore in 2003 due to the SARS virus, causing hundreds of deaths in the world.


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