Signal record for Cristiano, second loss to Juve, Inter vie to equalize – Soccer World – Italy


Italy’s Juventus champion registers his second Serie A defeat after bowing his head after a 1-2 draw by Verona in a 23rd round match. The match will be remembered with the defeat of the Bianconeri, with the goal of Cristiano Ronaldo, 65, after the Portuguese found and scored in ten consecutive matches with the Juve team. So he surpassed David Trezegue’s record, with the legendary French striker signing for nine consecutive games for the Torino team.

The defeat left Juve in the leader position in the 54-point asset standings, but catching up Inter had 51 points with a match less and breathing in the door of the Old Lady. Tomorrow the Nerazzuras face Milan in the derby of the Calcutta Circle and have the opportunity to confuse the Bianconiers’ accounts. Verona, on the other hand, continued with a good performance and solidified her 6th position, gaining 34 points.

Despite the CR7 goal, the host Verona has formulated a complete turnaround of MarcAntonio Bentegodi after Fabio Borini (76) and Giampaolo Paczini (86) left three points in Romeo and Juliet.

Earlier, Gonzalo Higuain tried to punish Verona’s door, but Gunther threw himself at the string, stopping the Argentine’s shot. Ten minutes into the game, the home team got in the position after David Faraoni’s shot, but Wojciech Szcessi managed a corner kick. After his performance, Pesina was found uncovered, but his experience went away.

After a quarter hour of play Leo Bonucci fired a long shot, but to no avail, in the 18th Borini had a chance, which was also not good.

A moment later, Douglas Costa advanced to the flank and fired hard, but Marco Silvestri deflected the ball that bounced into the crossbar. In the 21st minute the home side scored through Marash Kumbula. Then he caught a head centering, and Shchesny helped and the ball flew into his door. However, after the intervention of VAR, it was evident that Kumbula was ambushed with his shoulder and the goal was canceled.

In the 36th minute Cristiano Ronaldo made a fine ground kick, but the ball stopped in the side beam. By the end of the half chances were ahead of Cristiano, but Sylvestry was not difficult.

In the 52nd minute, the visitors claimed a penalty kick when they thought Gunter was playing with his hand, but the referee did not see one. In the 56th minute there was a stir in the penalty box of the “Bianconeri”, but the defense somehow managed to deal with the tension. Quadrado knocked down Jacquani, but the situation was with a ball that was far away and referee Massa did not indicate anything.

In the 65th minute came the moment of Cristiano Ronaldo, in which he scored a goal in the tenth consecutive game. Dibala then led Cristiano to Verona’s penalty box. The Portuguese stopped the ball and sent it skillfully into Sylvestry’s door, beating David Trezegue’s record of nine goals in a row.

Seven later, Verona could level through Pacini, but his head kick was reflected by Juve’s Polish guard. In the 76th minute, the home side’s striker Fabio Borini punished an error by Juve’s defense after a poor return by Miralem Panić. The shooter struck on the diagonal, which was unbeatable for Shchni – 1: 1.

After 86 minutes, the home side got to a corner. The ball was centered on the first beam towards Kumbula, but before that Leo Bonucci played a hand and after the intervention of VAR, David Massa sentenced the penalty. Giampaolo Paczini fired hard, missing no chance of Juve’s guard.


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