Shoygu: US seizes Syria’s oil wealth


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Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said that the United States extorted the oil deposits of Syria and banned the supply of raw materials to this country with the help of sanctions.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu held a 2 + 2 meeting in Rome today with Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio and Defense Minister Lorenzo Guerini.

Speaking during the meeting, Şoygu said that the USA oil He emphasized that he controlled the extracted beds and extorted these riches of Syria and Syrians openly and unabashedly.

Shoygu, on the other hand, noted that the United States has banned the supply of raw materials to Syria with the help of sanctions.

Pointing out that the majority of those who suffer in Syria need warming, hot food, electricity, and that they are obtained from hydrocarbon, which is prohibited from being supplied to Syria, Şoygu underlined that Syria could not provide them at all times and everywhere.

‘The process of cleaning terrorist nests continues resolutely’

Meanwhile, Shoygu said that the Syrian government controls 90 percent of the country’s territory and the process of clearing the terrorist nests is carried out resolutely.

Reminding that the Syrian government had controlled 18 percent of the country 5 years ago, and today it is 90 percent, Şoygu added that the efforts to clean the remaining terrorist nests in the Syrian territory continue resolutely.


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