Shell sends employees in Singapore home for coronavirus


The employee who was in contact with someone with the corona virus has no symptoms and was sent home, Shell says.

As a precaution, close colleagues work from home. Shell does not want to say how many employees it is and how many people work at the office in question. The company also does not want to answer other questions. A total of 3100 people work at Shell in the city state.

Important location for Shell

Singapore is Shell’s largest petrochemical production center in the Asia Pacific region and it is even one of Shell’s largest integrated oil and petrochemical sites worldwide.

The group says that business operations are not affected by this development.

“Possible recession in Singapore due to coronavirus”

According to the Singapore government, there were 58 people yesterday at 12 noon local time who were confirmed to be infected with the Covid-19. Of 711 residents who were tested, it is clear that they are not infected.

The influence of the coronavirus on Singapore’s economy is now greater than that of Sars in 2003, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of the country this morning, according to Singaporean newspaper The Straits Times. According to him, that can lead to a recession.

“Takes longer than Sars”

The influence, especially in the coming quarters, will be significant, he says. He calls it a “very intense outbreak.”

Singapore was hit by the Sars virus in 2003. It was then five months before the outbreak ended. The prime minister thinks it will not go so fast now. After all, the countries in the region are now more economically interconnected and, in particular, China’s economy is now much larger than it was then, the prime minister said.

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