She went to the restaurant more than 120 times for free, now beruch … (Ghent)


Ghent –
Nadine W. went to the restaurant more than 120 times without paying the bill. It earned her the name “the horror of the hospitality industry”. The Ghent court has now decided to intern the 49-year-old table foam star after she committed five more facts in Ghent. “She clearly suffers from a mental disorder,” the judge ruled.

“She was given the title of” horror of the hospitality industry “, but that term does not apply to her at all,” suggested lawyer Peter Gonnissen at the first appearance of Nadine W. in the Ghent correctional court. “She needs help rather than punishment.”

Nadine W. went to the restaurant more than 120 times, but it turned out that he could never pay the bill. Especially on the coast, she always ordered a croque monsieur or cake with coffee and then simply walked outside. Again and again. To the extent that the hotel and restaurant operators set up their own information network. Whoever saw the incorrigible table foam star popping up immediately informed colleagues and the police. Several times a punishment against “the horror of the hospitality industry” was pronounced, but the woman without a fixed address has never heard it. After all, W. did not show up in court.

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She is currently serving a prison sentence of many years, at least until 2026. But her lawyer found the sentence inappropriate. The Ghent court also ruled that internment is more appropriate. “She suffers from a mental disorder and has serious impaired judgment,” the judge said during the verdict.

On another planet

Prosecutor Caroline Jonckers demanded internment. “The court psychiatrist ruled that the defendant suffers from a mental disorder, which makes her unaccountable. She lives in her own world. The expert recommends admission to an FPC (Forensic Psychiatric Center). , It sounds. The forensic psychologist determined that W. would currently have an IQ of 58. The table foam star was also described as affecting and morally apathetic. The court psychiatrist came to the conclusion that the woman suffers from chronic psychotic disorder. The court followed those reports, “We elaborated on the reports in the file,” it sounds.

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W.’s lawyer was relieved after the verdict. “It is important for the judge to finally recognize that the psychological integrity of the victims was threatened or compromised. This is a mandatory criteria for internment, “says lawyer Peter Gonnissen. He asked in the Ghent court for the favor of the suspension and if not an internment. “She needs guidance instead of punishment,” Gonnissen said. “She lives on a different planet and cannot sustain herself. She is not doing well, she is currently on the brink of hospitalization. “

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