Shaath: UNRWA’s continued commitment by the international community to Palestinian refugees


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The Special Representative of the Palestinian President, Nabil Shaath, said that the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) represents the international commitment to the rights of Palestinian refugees, and its survival is necessary until their case is resolved.

Moscow – Sputnik And Shaath said, in an interview with “Sputnik” today, Monday, on the sidelines of his participation in the Valday Conference, “UNRWA was a temporary solution to the refugee problem, until the refugees returned to their country, but the refugees did not return to their country, even the refugees inside Palestine who were expelled. From what has become Israel to the West Bank and Gaza, there is also no solution so far, so UNRWA’s presence and continuity is a fact that the international community is adhering to the rights of refugees.

The advisor explained that “the shortfall that America has created must be compensated by stopping its funding for the UNRWA and some other countries followed, the rest of them must remain steady, Europe has not changed and the Arab countries that have not changed and Russia have not changed so we hope that UNRWA remains until we solve the refugee issue “.


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