Senator Sanders: US to help Russia with alternative energy sources


Senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders believes the United States should help other countries, including Russia, to assist in the development of technologies that are necessary for the transition to alternative energy sources. This was stated by a politician claiming to be the Democratic candidate for president of the United States on Thursday, during a statement in New Hampshire, CNN and TASS reported.

“Climate change is not just a problem for America, it’s a global problem,” he said. Sanders stressed that the US should make greater use of renewable energy. According to him, it will create millions of new jobs.

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According to the senator, the United States must bring the whole world behind in this field. Sanders urged to work with China, Russia, India, Pakistan and Brazil – to help them with the technologies they need to transform the energy sector needed to save the world.

Democrats regularly criticize the administration of incumbent US President Donald Trump for his country’s exit from the Paris Climate Agreement. US Leader in June 2017


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