Secretary of State because of the dust after tax refund blunder: ‘That should have been different’


                              State Secretary for Finance Hans Vijlbrief admits that the Tax and Customs Administration has not acted correctly when stopping provisional refunds and promises improvement. 124,000 people only heard at the very last moment that they would no longer receive money from the Tax Authorities every month. And that is money that is often counted on. 


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        <p>"That should have been different. We will do better next year", Vijlbrief promises. Reports from RTL Z this morning showed that this year the provisional restitution of many more people was stopped than other years.


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                Fiscus stops without warning provisional return of tens of thousands of people

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        <h2>Too late</h2>

As a result, people unexpectedly miss out on a hefty monthly sum from one day to the next, which I often run into hundreds of euros. The victims were only informed about this in the last days of December or even in mid-January: the moment when people actually expected their money on the bill.

“It has come too late, that message,” said Vijlbrief. “They have changed some of the criteria, which should have been reported earlier.”


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That suddenly many more people have lost their monthly provisional refund coincides with the use of a new selection rule at the Tax Authorities. It prescribes that if people had income from both work and benefits in 2018, they would not receive a provisional refund in 2020.

Hundreds of people have already complained to RTL Z about suddenly stopping monthly returns. Most let them know that they had lost their provisional refund without any prior warning, while their situation had not changed at all.

There are also many complaints about the way people are subsequently helped by the tax authorities.


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        <h2>Refund not continued</h2>

As a citizen, you can request a provisional refund if you expect to get money back with the tax return, for example because you are entitled to a mortgage interest deduction. You can also have this paid out monthly in advance, via the provisional refund.

Normally, that will automatically continue in the new year, if nothing changes in your deductible items or income situation. But that kite does not apply if you fall under the selection rule.

Do not stop unilaterally

SP and CDA want to know why the new rules were introduced and who were duped by them. They also think that the Tax and Customs Administration should give citizens time to demonstrate that they are indeed still entitled to a refund before the Tax and Customs Administration unilaterally stops the situation.


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        If the Tax Authorities have incorrectly stopped the refund, citizens can submit a new application. Once it has been processed, you will receive a monthly provisional refund. Vijlbrief advises anyone who wrongly no longer receives money to do that.



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