Secret report on contacts between doping doctor Ferrari and …


Jakob Fuglsang and Alexey Lutsenko will not be prosecuted for alleged contacts with Italian doping doctor Michele Ferrari. The CADF, the body that carries out doping controls in cycling, decided after “thorough evaluation of all elements” not to open a case against both riders.

Jakob Fuglsang, Alexey Lutsenko and by extension the entire Astana team have already been washed white again. In a brief statement on their website, the CADF announces that the cycling association will not ask UCI to initiate disciplinary proceedings “against the individuals or the team in question.” The Cycling Anti-Doping Foundation does not want to comment on that.

Their statement does allow some insight into the chronology of the events around Fuglsang and co. The case started when CADF “received information about a possible anti-doping violation.”

The CADF then called on the Swiss agency Sportradar to investigate the matter. Sportradar is a Swiss data company that, according to its website, “does background checks and detailed reporting for federations … to find weak spots and potential threats to their sport and business.” thoroughly investigated.

Sportradar prepared a report for the CADF with its findings. It is that report that came out last Sunday in various Norwegian and Danish media. CADF – which has a Norwegian president with Rune Andersen – is particularly bored with that leak and emphasizes that it “has never shared information with a third party, including the media.” It is also going to investigate how it can go outside. come.

It is striking that the report appears to be very damaging for Fuglsang and Astana. The media that were able to view the document reported in so many words that Fuglsang followed a doping program with Michele Ferrari. Alexey Lutsenko would also have met him and Ferrari would have followed the Tour of Catalonia with the Astana team.

If all that information is in the report, it is strange that CADF nevertheless decides not to initiate proceedings at the UCI. CADF will not explain why this decision is made. They conclude their communiqué with “no further comment.”

Both Ferrari, Fuglsang and Astana strongly denied in recent days that there was contact.


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