Second Zeeland States member of FvD leaves: Robert Koevoets also starts his own group


Member of Parliament Robert Koevoets of Forum for Democracy (FvD) leaves the group and cancels his membership of that party. Koevoets no longer feels at home at the party. With the departure of Koevoets, the Forum for Democracy in Zeeland loses a second member of the States in one year’s time. Jimmy continues as a one-man group. That reports Broadcaster Zeeland. Earlier the Zeeland FvD States member Robert Brunke stepped out.

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“A few years ago I joined with enthusiasm what I saw as a young and refreshing democratic movement,” Koevoets says to the regional broadcaster. But he recently recognized himself less and less in the party’s organization, “the way how people are treated and how public attention is sought via Twitter. ”

Forum for Democracy now has three seats in Provincial States, and they are no longer the third largest party, but the fifth. Shortly after the parliamentary elections, the party, together with the SGP, was the second largest group in the Provincial States.

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