Scientists: Scaly mammal pangolin transmitted infection (Overview)


Pangolin is very valuable in China as a delicacy and as a source of ingredients for traditional medicine. PHOTOGRAPHY: Reuters

The scaly mammal, pangolin, is the most likely intermediate host of the new coronavirus and has been infected by humans, according to Chinese scientists, cited by Reuters. Pangolin meat is a delicacy in China, and its flakes are used to treat various ailments of traditional medicine. The cute animal is the victim of the largest illegal traffic in the world.

“This finding will be of great importance in preventing and controlling the origin of the virus,” the South China Agricultural University, which conducted the study, said on its website.

Coronavirus 2019-nCoV is thought to have spread from the animal market in the city. Wuhan. Health experts believe the virus originated from bats and was transmitted to humans through other animal species, most likely pangolin. Scientists have now found that the genome of the new coronavirus, isolated from pangolins, is 99% identical to that of humans.

Authorities in Wuhan have begun picking up all those infected with coronaviruses that have milder symptoms in specially built quarantine camps, Daily Mail reported.

Deputy Prime Minister Sun Chunlan, who is responsible for the measures against the contamination, has ordered law enforcement officials to visit each home door-to-door and measure the temperature of all residents of the city and question them about their contacts. “This is a people’s war against the virus, and every deserter will be covered with a stain of shame,” she said.

Beijing has already banned large groups of people from gathering in restaurants, including celebrating birthdays or weddings. In most major cities, only one family member is allowed to go out of the house to provide supplies to others. In Hubei, elevators in high-rise buildings are excluded so people will not go out less often.

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