Schiphol horror landing is not possible: ‘People were screaming and throwing up’


After the landing in Madrid, Mark Haagen talks about the hellish flight he experienced: “The turbulence above Schiphol was enormous. The pilot really stopped the landing twice at the very last moment. We took off again at 150 meters above the runway. Really not cool. ”

Great panic

Mark says that the panic in the Air Europa plane was enormous. It was dark on board. “People screamed and were puking. The turbulence was enormous, everything vibrated and went back and forth. The luggage flew back and forth. I am used to flying, but I have never experienced this.”

The pilot tried a wider runway. But that didn’t work either.

Scream during landing:


According to Mark, who had done a weekend trip to Madrid with two friends, it is good that the pilot did not land the aircraft at Schiphol. “It was irresponsible. I think it is strange at all that we were allowed to fly dude with this weather.”

The communication from the cockpit was pretty lousy. “There was little communication. I saw on a screen that we were returning to Madrid after five attempts to land. We did not know where we were.”

Clapped hard

Schiphol air traffic control cannot say anything about the flight in question, except that several aircraft had to divert due to the severe storm.

Mark arrived in Madrid just before half past six. What now? “” No idea, we haven’t heard anything yet. I’m glad I can get off the plane. All the passengers have clapped hard. Rest has slowly returned. ”


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