Saudi woman abducted when she was a baby Back in the family at age 26; Rare | Saudi


A Saudi woman who abducted three children years ago has freed a man from Mariam and handed him over to her family. 26-year-old Naif Mohammed al-Qaradi has returned to his own family after a quarter-century. Maryam abducted Naif on July 4, 1993 from the Qatif hospital, dressed as a nurse.

Maryam later added Naif to the family card with her husband’s knowledge. Her husband was also arrested in the case. But later, her second husband refused to add the 2 children Maryam had kidnapped. Therefore, they were unable to obtain a Saudi identity card. The abduction and contradiction of the statements made in the recent applications for this has been revealed in the abduction series. The family and locals had arrived at the Jizan airport to receive Naif, who returned after 26 years.

Naif said he was looking forward to this day and he would stand up for the welfare of his family for the rest of his life. Naif’s father had passed away 2 months before his son returned. Maryam said the children were abducted and brought up in the absence of sons. The hospital records were compiled and handed over to the authorities who found the real parents, all with DNA tests. The second child, Mohammed Al-Amri, was abducted on September 8, 1996 and the third child, Musa Al-Qunaisi, was discharged from the Damam Hospital on July 21, 1999. He had been handed over to his relatives earlier. Mohammed Al-Amri is said to be a native of Yemen.

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