Sas conquered Paris


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The insect attack on Paris, France, created a new problem for travelers and citizens alike.

Following a surge in the French capital Sass and the harassment of French travelers and citizens, the government launched a campaign against hotel beds and sofas, Sputnik reports.

The insidious insects were wiped out in France in the 1980s, but have recently become widespread due to increased travelers in the country and their resistance to poisons, the Independent reported.

In response to this dilemma, the French government has launched a national campaign, including a hotline and an information website, to record the reports of insects.

According to the intelligence website, rooms with bedding and furniture are the most at risk; these places are the best place for darks due to darkness.

It also says that sas is a seed-sized creature that feeds on human blood; therefore, the red bites that accompany itching leave on individuals; these creatures can feed more than Stay alive for 5 days.

This problem is more prevalent in Paris than anywhere else in France, affecting all hotels and residences.

Benjamin Gervix, a recent candidate for mayor of Paris who had withdrawn because of his sexual scandal, had devoted part of his campaign to fixing the problem; he had promised to allocate five new beds instead of old ones.


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