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Sad balance: eight fatal accidents in 2019


Less but still too much. Last year, Stigas had eight fatal accidents on farms. There was a child among the victims.

Eight people from the agricultural sector died last year after a fatal accident. This is reported by Stigas, the organization that helps people in agriculture to work safely and healthily. In 2018, 14 people died in an accident. The eight victims of last year are a lot less, but Stigas nevertheless describes it as a sad balance with a lot of human suffering as a result. Among the victims was a child of four years.

Most accidents in arable farming

Most accidents with fatalities were in arable farming, dairy farming was in second place and one person died in the landscaping. Machines were almost always involved in the accidents, it involved collisions and traps. Stigas recorded no fatal accidents with manure silos. This is in contrast to the year in which three people lost their lives in January and February.

Stigas figures from media coverage

The figures that Stigas keeps are from media coverage. It is therefore possible that the actual number of victims is higher. After all: if someone ends up in the hospital and dies a few days later, this is not always reported in the media and is therefore not picked up by Stigas.

Only figures about farmers and their employees

Furthermore, the Stigas figures only relate to owners of farms and their families and any employees. Adjacent branches are not included. The number of fatalities would then be higher.

For example, a mechanic who was working in a cold store died at a fruit company and a cattle dealer died at the end of last year after being hit by his own tractor. After a collision with a lamppost, the man had jumped off the tractor, but since it was still in gear, he rode the rear wheel over the man. Passers-by saw him lying on the ground and called in the emergency services, but in the hospital he died of his injuries.

Warning for manure gases

Now that the slurry spreading season has started, the security service is warning to be extra careful with manure gases. They can be released in high concentrations and lead to death in one breath.

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