Russia’s First ‘Strong White’ Ultrasonic Strategic Bomber Maneuver + Video


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The first Russian-made strategic supersonic bomber, the 160th Topolov, was dubbed the “White Swan” in Russia.

The Russian Defense Ministry released a video on Thursday showing the first modern Tu-160M ​​missile flight in the sky.

A 34-minute flight at 1500 meters altitude took place in Kazan. Refurbished systems and equipment were examined during the flight, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

Thanks to the refurbishment of the Tu-160 strategic missile at the Kazan aircraft factory, the Tu-160M ​​bomber was delivered to the army in 2021 and was tested for the first time.

In 2016, it was decided to launch a new Tu-160 bomber. In total, the Russian military plans to build at least 50 such bombers.

The Topolov Strategic Supersonic Bomber was built by Moscow’s Topolov Aviation Research and Engineering Complex during the years 7-8.


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