Russian State Department accuses US of undermining free world trade


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The Russian State Department has accused the United States of undermining free world trade and thereby increasing international tensions. The United States had previously imposed sanctions on a subsidiary of Russia’s largest oil producer, Rosneft.

“The destructive sanctions policy of the United States is increasingly undermining the freedom of world trade, for which the Americans are strongly committed, and increasing international tensions. It is time that politicians in Washington finally realized that economic and military pressure against Russia would not achieve anything and would only aggravate the crisis in bilateral relations, ”said the Russian State Department.

The State Department also noted that last week the United States imposed sanctions on a number of Russian defense companies – now a subsidiary of Rosneft.

“As a result, the number of attempts by the United States to pressurize Russia with barriers to economic contacts and denied visa applications has increased to 80 since 2011,” it said.

Among other things, it was stressed that these sanctions conceal the United States’ intention to benefit US companies in this way.

“It is not uncommon for such exploitation of their administrative resources, in addition to alleged ‘geopolitical goals’, to be based on the banal intention of giving American companies advantages if they cannot compete fairly with Russian manufacturers on the world market. The last two cases are of this kind, ”said the State Department.

US sanctions again

As the U.S. Treasury announced on Tuesday, Switzerland-registered Rosneft Trading SA was placed on the ministry’s sanctions list. According to the information, the restrictions also apply to the board chief Didier Casimiro, who is also responsible for processing, petrochemicals, commerce and logistics, Vice President of Rosneft and member of its board.

According to a senior representative of the US administration, Didier Casimiro has played a key role in promoting the oil sector in Venezuela by organizing meetings between representatives of the state-owned company PDVSA and the state authorities with Rosneft Trading. Rosneft Trading and Casimiro property in the United States would be blocked, he said.

The Treasury Department in Washington said, among other things, that the United States is giving its allies, including Europe, 90 days to break all contacts with Rosneft Trading. This also applies to Germany, a ministry spokesman added.

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