Russian Inspector’s military satellite approaches US spy satellite


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Russian military satellite Inspector “Cosmos-2542” in orbit approached US-245 spy satellite.

Sputnik reports this was reported by the American magazine The Drive.

The journal quotes Tudet Michael Thompson, a doctoral student at the University of Purdue (astronomy expert), who writes that the first satellite coordinates its orbit with the second satellite, about 150 to 300 kilometers from it. Thompson concluded by examining the free information received from the North American Air Defense Command.

The Drive points out that, since the appearance of the USA-245 is obvious, it is unlikely to be attractive for the “Cosmos-2542” satellite. This journal does not appear to be the Russian satellite in the most sophisticated ways of affecting the American satellite.

The Journal notes that in addition to direct kinetic impact and robotic impact, chemicals, electronic radio, microwaves and lasers can be used to suppress enemy satellites in near-Earth orbits.

In August 2019, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that the satellites Cosmos 2535 and Cosmos 2536 have been successfully tested.

The Cosmos 2542 was launched in November 2019 with the Soyuz 2.1 and the Volga Accelerator block from the Plesk Space Station. The spacecraft was tasked with monitoring the status of Russian satellites and monitoring the Earth’s surface.

USA-245, owned by the KH-11 Kenenen Series of American Reconnaissance Satellites, was launched in August 2013 with a Delta IV Heavy missile from the Vandenberg Base (United States).


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