Russian Foreign Ministry: The Security Council is not currently discussing extending the arms embargo against Iran


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The Director of the Non-Proliferation and Arms Control Section of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Vladimir Yermakov, said today, Wednesday, that there are no discussions now about extending the Security Council resolution on the arms embargo to and from Iran.

Moscow – Sputnik. In response to a question about whether there is a possibility to extend the arms embargo imposed on Tehran, which expires according to joint operational plans in October, Yermakov told Sputnik: “I can assure with certainty that there are no formal discussions on reviewing the Council resolution International Security No. 2231, whether on the Security Council or other platforms. ”

Yermakov added: “I would like to confirm this decision permitting approval of the supply of weapons and military equipment to and from Iran for the seven categories of the relevant United Nations record, and does not provide for such a mechanism or extension option.”


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