Russian Foreign Ministry: Estonian intelligence is putting pressure on opposition politicians and journalists


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The Russian Foreign Ministry announced today, Friday, that Estonian intelligence agencies are putting pressure on politicians, public figures and journalists who represent an independent viewpoint.

Moscow – Sputnik. A statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry, on the human rights situation in certain countries, stated: “Estonian intelligence exercises a variety of methods to pressure opposition and independent politicians, public figures, human rights activists and journalists who represent a view that contradicts the country’s domestic and foreign policies, as well as defenders of rights Russian-speaking communities. ”

The Russian Foreign Ministry indicated that one of the methods actively practiced is to open criminal cases under false pretenses, and that the most terrible incidents occurred with representatives of the Russian community, where the director of the non-profit organization “The Pushkin Institute in Tallinn”, Andrei Krasnoglazov was fined in August 2019, according to Court decision in the case of forgery and use of documents.

In July 2019, the police arrested and interrogated for many hours the head of the non-profit human rights organization “Ketje” and “The Russian School in Estonia” Mstislav Rusakov, whose all electronic and technical means were confiscated and charged with criminal charges for “providing incorrect data in the entity record” Legal. ”

The statement added that “de facto the Estonian media has been placed under strict supervision, which does not allow it to criticize the defects in the state policy in the field of interracial relations, as well as publishing positive or even neutral material about Russia”, explaining that the Russian media operating in the country is classified in a way Randomized as “malicious propaganda.”

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the “News Agency” Sputnik – Estonia “is under severe pressure from the authorities, which have increased significantly and amounted to repression and administrative restrictions since the fall of 2019 with the clear aim of liquidating the agency.”

It is reported that the employees of “Estonia Sputnik” from the leadership of the Estonian Police and Border Guard Department have received direct threats to file criminal cases against them if they do not give up continuing working relations with the parent agency before January 1, 2020. In justification of its practices, the Tallinn authorities referred to the sanctions imposed by the European Union on 17 March 2014 against individuals and legal persons in light of the events taking place in Ukraine. However, the European Union sanctions were imposed not against “Russia Segodnya” which includes “Sputnik” but against the agency’s director general Dmitry Kiselov personally.

For his part, Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Rinsalo told Sputnik that his country pursues the same sanctions policy as the European Union, but not against Sputnik, but against Kiselov. Personally.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, commenting on the situation around the agency “Sputnik Estonia”, confirmed that the Russian authorities will do their utmost to support the work of the agency “Sputnik” in other countries. A senior source in Moscow also told the agency that there are British coordinators involved in the practices of the Estonian authorities, and this will be taken into account in order to take similar measures in the near future towards the British media operating in Russia.


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