Russian Foreign Affairs: US plans to damage existing security system in space


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The Russian Foreign Ministry warned that the move of the Kosmos-2542 satellite, which worries the US, does not pose any threat and does not violate international legal norms, and warns that the US’s implementation of space-related plans cannot harm the existing security system in space.

Answering Sputnik’s questions, officials from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs track the US’s USA-245 (KH-11) spy satellite of the Russian satellite Kosmos-2542, including some US officials, including Space Force Commander General John W. Raymond. He commented on his allegations that ‘he did.’

‘The USA continues its propaganda campaign for Russia’

According to Russia, the propaganda campaign against Russia continues, in order to mask these destructive actions of Washington, which provokes an arms race in space and tries to transform space into a new military conflict area, and to ensure the allocation of a comprehensive financial resource for this purpose.

‘Russian satellite did not pose a threat to the object of the United States, it did not violate any principles of international law’

“We underline that the movement of our device poses no danger to the space object of the United States, and most importantly, it does not violate any principles and norms of international law,” said Russian officials.

“This provocative attack has been another attempt by the US to justify its attempts to deploy weapons in space, breaking the responsibility of destabilizing the situation in the field of space security.”

“There is no alternative to Russia and China’s proposal for the protection of space free from arms”

In the statement reminded that there is no alternative to the Russian-Chinese proposal on the development of a legally binding document on the protection of space as free from any weapon, based on the deployment of weapons to space, the use of force for space objects, or the use of force ‘threats, to prevent prevention, the following statements were included:

‘All of Washington’s attempts to excel in the military sped up tension’

“We urge Washington to be cautious once again and to give up irresponsible adventures that will have extremely negative consequences for both the world community and the US itself. The implementation of US plans for space weapons will cause irreparable damage to the existing security system in space. All of Washington’s previous attempts to excel in the military field have always resulted in increased tension and new rounds in the arms race. ”


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