Russian designer compares missile attack early warning systems of Russia and USA


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Sergey Boyev, chief designer of Russia’s missile attack early warning systems, said that Russian radar systems are more advantageous than their US counterparts.

The chief designer of Russia’s early missile attack warning systems, Vimpel General Manager of Russian defense industry’s leading company in the field of missile and space defense, Sergey Boyev, told Russian television that the Russian early warning radar systems are more advantageous than their US counterparts.

Global control feature

Boyev, comparing Russian and US early warning systems, “Our system can respond to today’s challenges. Its defining feature is, above all, the globality of the control it provides ” he spoke.

Pointing out that Russian missile warning systems are superior to their US counterparts with this feature, Boyev noted that the systems in the West are one step ahead in terms of timing because they have components on different continents, but this advantage is not so important:

“This difference is due to the fact that the US-made missile warning system is located not only in America, but also in Greenland and England.”

Targets are detected from thousands of kilometers in missile attack

Previously, Commander of the Russian Air-Space Forces Missile and Air Defense Joint Forces Major General Sergey Grabçuk announced that the missile defense systems in the capital Moscow have undergone deep modernization. According to Grabçuk, modernization will enable the new system to expand its combat capabilities and improve its features in the near future.

Pointing out that Moscow needs minutes to protect against missile attack, Grabçuk emphasized that early warning systems detected targets from thousands of kilometers in case of missile attack.


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