Russian Defense Ministry plane landing in China to evacuate Russian citizens from the country + Video


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The first Russian air force planes landed in Wuhan, China, to evacuate Russian citizens.

A Russian Defense Ministry plane landed in Wuhan, China, to evacuate Russian citizens, according to Sputnik.

The aircraft includes military doctors and Department of Defense virologists with diagnostic tools, personal protective equipment, and medications. The quarantine area will be the Tyumen area for Russians living in Wuhan, as it is the most prepared area to fight the virus in the country.

The Russians will be evacuated from China on February 5. Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Glikova has announced that a total of 133 people will return home from Wuhan, China.

As of February 4, the number of deaths from coronavirus in China has reached 414, with 13552 infected. In addition to China, the disease has been reported in 23 countries, including Russia. The World Health Organization (WHO) has identified the Corona virus as an international emergency in the world.


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