Russian body: The possibility of transfer of the Corona virus to Russia is increasing


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The head of the Federal Authority for the Protection of Consumer Rights “Ross Potter Nadzor”, Anna Popova, said on Wednesday that the possibility of transmitting the Corona virus to Russia is increasing.

Moscow – Sputnik. “It is quite clear that we must recognize today that the possibility of transferring,” Popova told reporters [فيروس كورونا] [إلى روسيا], Definitely getting more. ”
Popova pointed out that the number of countries suffering from coronavirus infection is increasing, and it is better not to plan a trip abroad if there is no urgent need.

The Russian Federal Authority for the Protection of Consumer Rights, “Ross Potribe Nadzor”, announced earlier today that the sterilization system has been strengthened in crowded places, such as public restaurants, shopping centers, educational and social institutions, and to provide adequate supplies of masks.

In the same context, the Chinese authorities announced today, Wednesday, the death toll of the new virus, coronavirus, inside the country, during the past 24 hours, to 2715 people, and infections exceeded 78 thousand cases, indicating that 27,232 people recovered after treatment.

The virus continues to spread, as it has spread outside China in more than thirty countries, causing dozens of deaths and more than 2,500 infections.


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